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Another chapter of my life is over

This is not the right time of night to start doing anything unless it is going to bed. I am really tired. Have you noticed I say that a lot on my daily journal? I bet it is purely because I write right before I go to bed. It has little to do with my lifestyle. Today I learned one of my favorite people went home to be with Jesus. I am grieving that I will never see him again on earth. It is odd to realize this.

I let go of more of my baggage today. I am closing another door on my hurt and pain. I am going to let God use it. I have made a pledge to myself that every time I will get mad over one way people have hurt me, I will consciously choose to pray for certain things that are connected in my mind to this. It may be my flesh or it maybe the the devil getting me stuck in bitterness and anger, but I figure the praying is going to annoy both of them. haha

The God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet. Romans 16


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