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As generous as I dream

I have so much to say tonight, but perhaps none of it is meant for this forum. I'm happy, glad, thankful in spite of having spent nearly a month's wages on my teeth, car, and necessities.

But let's be real, can you call $30+ of dark chocolate a necessity? Or popcorn? I even bought a frozen chocolate pie. There's entire years of my life that those things would have been considered an unreasonable expense. Now I have the audacity to call what is expendable "a necessity."

It reminds me of the prophet Habakkuk. He had a lot of scary things to say about people who live in luxury. I hope if I ever get American rich, I'm as generous as I dream of being. Money can change you if you let it.

"Therefore he sacrifices to his net

and burns incense to his dragnet,

for by his net he lives in luxury

and enjoys the choicest food.

Is he to keep on emptying his net,

destroying nations without mercy?" - Habakkuk 1:16-17

I love the ring of those verses. How frightening it is to worship one's net!


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