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The miracle cure

I am ridiculously tired right now and should do nothing but go to bed. Last night as I fell to sleep I begged God for a miracle. I asked Him for the kind of miracle that I had never heard of Him performing before. I asked Him to miraculously let me wake up in the morning without a certain character problem. Well, I woke up with a dream that was worse than normal instead. But then I got really disgusted. I stood up on the inside and said I wasn’t going to take this anymore, screw the devil because I was done with it. But then I am not sure about all the emotions and attitudes throughout the day to know whether my response was godly in some way or not. It just is a little all over the place, and I am adjusting to the new attitude. I am not sure whether I have really stood up on the inside or if I have just built emotional walls to protect myself.

Either way, I am going to bed now.

The God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet. Romans 16


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