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Safe in His promises

What a lovely day! Okay, I pry better be honest. After all, most of this blog is supposed to be about honesty, right? Honesty and transparency. Getting to know Him more and more. Today turned into a lovely day, but this morning was rough. Very rough. Well, not very rough compared to even six weeks ago, but very rough compared to the last 3-4 weeks. See? That is what I like about recovery. Nothing ever stays the same. Everything is constantly changing. Quickly.

This morning I thought of the saying, “I am in a hurry, and God is not.” I had to kind of grin. With my life, it seems like God is in a much bigger hurry than I am these days.

But after living in my crazy head for the first few hours of this morning, I broke free this afternoon and had a delightful rest of the day.

As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.” Romans 10


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