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Safe in Him

It’s after midnight, so this post is going to claim it was published on Saturday, which technically it was but whatever. I am ready for bed. I was almost went to bed 4 1/2 hours ago before I went to the party. But I had a lovely time talking tonight. I narrowly avoided talking politics for real. Can one talk world news without the other? I don’t know. Hopefully, I did.

Well, if I have ever waited here for Him, I am currently waiting here for Him. The good news is that I am actually learning to know that no one can keep me from following Him. Their decisions may enormously impact my life, but God’s Spirit will never cease to lead me. His grace will always be enough. His love will always be perfection.

Then they spit in His face, and struck Him with their fists; others slapped Him and said, “Prophesy to us, Messiah. Who hit You?” Matthew 26


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