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The wind blows wherever it wants

It seems forever since I blogged. I got that first interview out of the way and am beginning to feel like myself again. Today I even feel like starting to research and write. With all the hassle of moving, it has been something like three months since I researched or studied anything. As the stress rolls off me, I am excited that I feel like opening the Bible to dive in more deeply. I am also excited to begin reading big thick books from my seminary’s library. It is good to have my brain wake up.

It was a wonderful week. My birthday was Friday (two days ago). I celebrated by driving a 100 miles to Laramie to check out its thrift shops and furniture stores. I came home with a bed frame, mattress, a wall hanging, and some free weights. Goodwill doesn’t seem to know the value of used free weights, and I felt super blessed to spend $8 on a set of weights that is worth far more than that. I love lifting, and it is good to have something right at home to keep me strong.

As a teenager, I was a terrible driver. Well, maybe I was pretty good since I stayed alive in spite of the ridiculously high speeds I drove. That, or maybe, my survival was entirely dependent on my guardian angels and had nothing to do with my skills whatsoever. It is quite likely that is the case.

I am laughing at how much I have changed since when I owned a car in my twenties. Now if I don’t set the cruise, I end up going 55 in the 75 zone. Back then, if I didn’t set the cruise, I would go 95 in the 75 zone.

I am still so happy to be here that I almost cry from gratitude when I look around me and see where I am. I even like the wind. The wind blows wherever it wants to blow. We see its effects, but we can’t control where it will go or what it will do next. Wind is good.

When the wind is strong here, it feels like it is going to blow your car off the road or knock you over as you walk. Today after church, I hiked up a mountain that is in the park close to my apartment. The wind was magnificent, especially when I got to the top. The pictures are of that excursion.

The wind blows wherever it wants to blow. I am so glad!


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