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Trust: a little child will lead them

A little girl led them. She danced through the streets, skipping and clapping and waving her arms. With wild abandon, she performed the task at hand. It never crossed her mind to wonder what the people around her were thinking. Occasionally she glanced at her Father’s face. She saw him smiling at her. She giggled with delight and continued. It did not take long before spectators began to complain. You are too happy. Quit waving your arms. Do you have to be so loud? She looked at her Daddy. Was she doing it right? Yes, he nodded. You are doing as I asked.

Not more than a few minutes later, her followers began to question the path. Where are you taking us? Do we have to wave our arms? They are poking fun of us for making so much noise. The little girl looked at her Father. Daddy, she asked, am I doing it right? Yes, he nodded, I love it. It was all the little girl needed to know to continue on her way. Skipping, clapping and waving her arms. The way became rough. The jeers got louder. The followers began to stumble. Daddy, she said, will you hold my hand? Yes, he nodded, yes, I will. So she carried on, not caring what others might think, only looking to her Daddy for all her direction, only caring what he might say.

Have you ever made the mistake of agreeing to play follow the leader with a five year old as you walk down the streets of the town where all your grownup friends live? I have. I felt very much like the followers in the story complaining about the wild abandon and careless ease my little leader put into leading. Did I really have to do that??? Yes, she said, you do. And that was the last time I agreed to play follow the leader with a five year old in public.

Sometime in the last few weeks, God has whispered a promise in my heart. It has been humbling and challenging me ever since He first told me, “A little child will lead them.”

I knew the phrase was from Scripture. I knew it had to do with wild animals being led by a small child when God’s kingdom comes on earth. I knew Jesus said no one could be part of the kingdom of heaven unless they became like a small child. I began to meditate on all its implications. What would my life look like if I led as a little child?

The first thing I realized is I would look only to my Daddy for approval. As someone who struggles with same-sex attraction, this is important. Everyone has an opinion about the words I use and the way I talk about who I am. If I led like a child, I would receive all my identity from my Daddy. I would believe everything He had to say about me and nothing anyone else said.

I realized I would be playful and innocent. Like the little five year old playing follow the leader, I would lead with joy. I would not overthink my role. I would just look at Daddy and see if I was doing it right. I also realized a small child would be clueless they were doing anything great. I would think I was just doing what Daddy said. I would have no idea of the ripple affect my innocent leadership had on those around me.

Finally I considered how small children ask lots of questions. We have all been around a two year old. Why? Why? Why? Then I considered another quality in a small child. They believe the answers. When Daddy says something, they believe him. I considered I could ask my heavenly Daddy all kinds of questions. Sometimes He would give me answers. Like a child, I should believe Him. Sometimes He would simply say, “Because I said so.” or “I will tell you when you are older.” or “It is not good for you to know that.” Those would be times I would have to trust Him.

I have been comforted this past week as I think of leading as I hold my Daddy’s hand and He becomes my only source of affirmation. I do not need to know all the answers. I do not need to know any of them. I can just look into my Daddy’s face and ask Him if I am doing okay. I am who my Daddy says I am.

How would your conversation with God change if you decided to trust Him like a little child?


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