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Tired beyond reason, but I lack nothing

Well, if I was too tired last night to tell you about my day, I for sure am tonight. But for the eight-ish hours I was actually working today, I functioned very well and had pretty good energy. I know that really has nothing to do with recovery does it? Just with being tired and productive at the same time. If I could think a coherent thought, I would tell you about recovery.

I am managing to spend my normal amount of time with God. I am trying to add more time at night. I think it will help me be give my life completely to Christ. Keep my focus on the point, so I can work until exhaustion sometimes and rest other times. Monday is supposed to be a sabbath for me. I have loads of things I can do, but the plan is to do none of them. Well, one of them. Party and sleep. What a life!

I have apparently not only started to have a voice, but I also have started being assertive. I suppose it was on Wednesday I was in the park with my 21-month old twins. I became a mother bear for one of them. It shocked me. Well, if I am going to learn to have a voice, it is easiest to voice it for other people first. I am working on this boundary thing in my own life also. It isn’t going too badly.

Now on to my quiet time with God. I will be awake another hour waiting for laundry to finish, but I think I will nod myself to sleep if I try to sit and talk to Him. Maybe some God time and then some work to keep myself awake. Or I suppose I could walk and talk to Him. That will keep me awake, or I will run into things. I probably will just run into things.

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. – Psalm 23:1

Yesterday I was so desperate for time in the Word by mid-afternoon that I sat on a bathroom floor and repeated the 23rd Psalm over and over to myself. Maybe I should start taking a paper Bible with me, but they are so heavy or their print is so tiny. And YouVersion, well, it is on my phone, where everyone is sending me stuff. I don’t want to see it while I try to rest! Yes,

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. – Psalm 23:1


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