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The Sequoia Tree and Me

I keep getting mad, alone and depressed. The tension mounts. I feel so stressed. I point at another, “Look at their sin! They are so evil without and within.”

I struggle and fight to get away from what’s real. To be honest, it disturbs me – the way truth makes me feel. His Word is a mirror, but I don’t want to see “No, God, You don’t understand. It’s not me; it is he!”

I know I don’t want to turn from His Way, But facing the truth makes my resolve sway. And as He shows me the log in my eye, I fight and resist. I try not to cry.

I hold up my arms to futilely cover my face. Rage fills me as I try to fight what I think is disgrace. “I’m right! In my eye, there is merely a speck. Look what he’s done! How could You forget?!?”

But God doesn’t give up, He loves me too much. “My daughter, face yourself for your sin is a crutch.” And as I pause fighting long enough to see I notice the log in my eye must be from a giant sequoia tree!

For one or two seconds, I pray for character change. Then I go back to fighting like someone deranged. “The problem’s not mine; the fault is all his!” When will I give up and surrender all this?

And as I slowly let go and surrender my pride, My own sin seems bigger than I can abide. I notice the speck in my friend’s eye is small. Like a begonia seed, I can barely see it at all.

But still 99 days out of 10, I fight As I try to convince my God I am right. “Look what he’s done! I am innocent as can be. There’s nothing wrong with my great, big, giant sequoia tree!”


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