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The good news is…

I had an amazing day because I woke up and “But the good news is…” was one of the first thoughts in my head. So I spent some time with Jesus, and “the good news was…”.

It has taken me nine years of knowing Jesus Christ as my Savior to figure out there is good news for every hurt, habit and hangup I have in my life. Which still sounds very theological, so try this: It has taken nine years of knowing Jesus for me to know when I panic because I am in the uncharted waters of a relationship, there is a gospel message more powerful than my panic. When I have a “morning after”, there is a gospel message forgiving the night before. When I feel discouraged and that I will never change, there is good news for that situation also. There is a message of good news for every moment of my day. To paraphrase Beth Moore, “God can not only change my life, He can change my day!! I need a God who can change my day!”

There were some other pretty good news today also. I managed to buy five tops (shirts), two bags of chocolates and three hair accessories for $26. That added some happiness to my joy.

The day ended with my roommate and I spending a very joyful evening “But the good news is”-ing each other. I may be having a meltdown over the particular place I am at in my recovery, but the good news is Jesus knows exactly what I am walking toward. I only have to follow Him. The good news is I am redeemed. The good news is I am loved. The good news is I never have to fear anything my God has to say to me. (Pastor mentioned that in church on Sunday. Nice, right?) The good news is I have actually been feeling very joyful all day over this. The good news is I have a Savior. The good news is I have a Father. The good news is He gave me His Spirit. The good news is I have a Reason to rejoice!

People! The good news is we have a Savior! The good news is we can be saved!

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns! – Isaiah 52:7

O Zion, messenger of good news, shout from the mountaintops! Shout it louder, O Jerusalem. Shout, and do not be afraid. Tell the towns of Judah, “Your God is coming!” – Isaiah 40:9

but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. 11The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! – Luke 2:10-11

This is the message of Good News for the people of Israel–that there is peace with God through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. – Acts 10:36

But Timothy has just now come to us from you and has brought good news about your faith and love. He has told us that you always have pleasant memories of us and that you long to see us, just as we also long to see you. – I Thessalonians 3:6


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