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The end of an amazing week….

It is 1:15 A.M. on Saturday morning. What a day! When I got off the phone with a friend about 45 minutes ago, I left her go so I would be in bed by 2. Life will be weird when I adjust to not going to bed at a ridiculously late hour.

My day was a bit off. I was neither anxious or excited for the first part of it. I was restless and had a hard time getting any work done. But I think I responded to relationship well today. I have been trying to stay very in tune with God in all conversations and places I am with people. I am trying to keep my mouth shut and really pray before I open it. I don’t do a perfect job of that though. Shut up, Laura, shut up!

I am celebrating an amazing week! One where I have experienced love, I have been vulnerable and I have continued to change. My biggest celebration is a continued switch in my old behaviors. I used to feel I trusted or loved people when I was not with them. I did often have anxiety over actually seeing them. When I would see them no matter how I was feeling before, I would shutdown and get scared or be be negative. Now, I am still experiencing anxiety on my way to see people, but the anxiety seems to be relieved when I actually see these people. I am beginning a healthier relationship with trust my counselor says. It is much healthier to be in the situation I am now as I learn to not be anxious when not with people either.

Okay, it’s time for bed.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. – Philippians 4:6


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