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Strong in me

Today is a celebration. I am going to say that before saying I hit some sort of wall or cliff at 3 o’clock and proceeded to feel and occasionally be an emotional wreck the rest of the day. Always an interesting experience when you spend the rest of the day with people. I just hit play on my computer and the first words to the song playing were “I may be weak, but Your Spirit is strong in me.” So stand by me, God!

I have learned how to have a good day on Sunday until at least three o’clock. Have X time on Sunday. I always need X time. Now I just need to find a way to add some God time between church and CR. Then I may actually act like a sane, rational person for an entire day when interacting with “church”. Hurray!

Today was such a sweet day before the switch turned and it suddenly just flipped the opposite way. I want the sweet sanity back. The Lord our God is ever faithful. Never changing through the ages.

God has given me such incredible friends and such an amazing spiritual family. So amazing.

This is the message we heard from Jesus and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all. – I John 1:5


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