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Strong and mighty

Well, that was a good day. Someone gave me advice recently to break up my journaling into sections of the day. Well, this morning was pretty good, but about noon I really was beginning to struggle with anxiety and sexual thoughts. Some days things just get in my head. I asked myself if I really thought I would fall right now – meaning around noon or even today. No, I thought, no I am not close to physically falling. I am just being irritated by all the temptation. I talked to God about it.

God told me to go for a walk. I was a little irritated. Really? I just finished having time with You. Don’t you know I have money to make? But then I asked myself if I wanted to make money or recover. I went for the walk. It was perfect. I walked and prayed and forgave again.

My God is strong and mighty. His jealousy unyielding.

He wants all of me, so I can experience His love more.

I was more able to let go of worry and anxiety today. I worry about what I say and write after I write and say it. I worry if I wrote the right thing or if people will judge me for it. God has been helping me let go of it. I can worry, or I can let it go and trust Him. I am thankful I am letting it go and trusting Him more today than I did last week.

I really want to improve the quality of my God time. Mainly improving my ability to meditate and not be distracted by the rest of my life.

This afternoon was good and so was this evening. God always puts the most incredible people in my life. I tried to take a nap this after, but I was literally too excited to sleep. God has given me this life, really? Why have I complained? Because I could not dream this up!

So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves. – Galatians 5:16


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