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So I was sitting on a beanbag, with clothes on, reading a book, when I came across the gospel message. It was on Day 7 of the Purpose Driven Life. For about an hour I sat and wrestled with whether I believed there was a God. When I decided to believe, I prayed whatever little prayer the Purpose Driven Life suggests you pray to give your life to Christ. I remember my thought process independent of the book was “If there is a God, then I will live for Him for the rest of my life.” It was as simple as that.

That is about as interesting as I can make the story of the hour that changed my life forever. On the other hand, here is a poem, which gives the story its proper magnitude.

Split. With a mighty cry, His life was ended. “It is finished,” so He said. The veil forever torn. History split.

Two parts of a story. One without a veil. No barrier from His throne Except arrogance and self-will. Split.

A girl upon a beanbag Read a book about the split. She wondered, thought and prayed, Believed. Her life was split.

Two parts of a story. One without a veil. Change. Hope. Life. One day in His presence better than all else beside. Split.

Her most joyful day before Him wreaked of naught but death. Her most tear-filled day thereafter pulsed with hope for life. Split.

It was nothing but a moment Rent her story in two. One of death. One of life. No hope. Hope. Split.

Two parts of a story. One without a veil. BC. AD. History. Forever torn asunder. Split.


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