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Sleepy and more than content

I have had a really good day today, I think. How is one supposed to know this? What is the definition of good. I have so many things I would love to tell you. Whoever you are. You seem like a friend after all these years even if I don’t know who you are. I have been trying to find my footing in writing after getting off Facebook. Somehow it makes it feel even less like I know who you are or even if you are. Whoever you are I am glad you are. I am honored by your reading of this post.

God has been tremendously good to me. I don’t understand His plan, but I am glad I get to follow it and eat mashed potatoes. I am grateful for mashed potatoes and chocolate cake. I love chocolate cake. I never even used to like cake.

He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance! – The Acts of the Apostles


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