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Well, my life is less boring than the average person’s. I don’t know what information I base that on, but I am sure of it. I think I base it on the fact that I often don’t feel a need to fill my life with entertainment. I don’t think. I have been thinking about simplicity again recently. I am pretty big into it. It is one of my life’s philosophies that life is purer when simple. I have been processing this due to contemplating whether to run an air conditioner this summer. I don’t plan to until at least the end of June. I hope not to at all. I love the heat, so why would I ever put on the air? But mainly, I think life is just better simpler. No a/c means cheaper bills. Cheaper bills means less stress. Less stress means that I can love people better. So I don’t really know how I will make money in July, but I do know that I probably won’t have air conditioning no matter how much or little money I make.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5


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