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Ridiculously joyful

I woke up so happy this morning it was ridiculous. I never knew it was physically or emotionally possible to be so supremely happy at 5:30 am without having to talk myself into it. Even with talking myself into it! I am just becoming so free! For a solid hour, I wrote in my inventory this morning. I am more than ready to get rid of the rest of my gunk! Clean it out! I don’t want it. I never knew it was possible to be genuinely excited about an inventory. I have carried the pain around with me for so long, I just don’t want it anymore.

Then I ended up working on my official CR testimony for somewhere between 4 and 6 hours today. My day is timeless when working on CR stuff. I don’t know what was when. It all blends together. It made me so excited for this step study. Look at all the stuff the last one got rid of! I will take it again. Writing it down doesn’t create the pain I held in side, it just helps me deal with it, then let it go.

Yup, step study just ended, and I am still ecstatically happy. I have been changing so much that I had a conversation today with someone from my past. Let’s just say the new, free Laura is entirely confusing some people. I love it! My life is entirely incredible. My God is a Redeemer. An incredible Redeemer.

I would lay it all down again. Just to hear Him say that I’m His friend.

Step 10: promptly admit when I am wrong. Favorite line in the 12 steps.

Step 3: Life and will to Christ. Favorite action of the 12 steps. Okay, the entirely submitting to God parts are really rewarding and cool also.

Leverage everything! Two words that have forever changed my life. Don’t tithe, leverage everything for the kingdom. I love Jesus and His teaching.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33


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