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I am really starting to get my sense of humor back. I laughed and laughed today. I might have even started last night. I laughed over the oddity of certain parts of my life. I really could not make this stuff up. I had great time with God today. My brain is continuing to quiet down. I am excited about that. I still have plenty of forgiving to do. I am still a pretty screwed up person – just ask the people around me; but at least I can slowly think one thought quietly now even if it is a vicious thought. I don’t think vicious thoughts as much as I used to either. This whole giving myself God time for my birthday was the best idea ever. Phenomenal!

Anyway, that is probably my entire day. My novel is further done. It sure put me in a good mood to be further done with it than I used to be. One of the things that really put me in a good mood today was being cheered up by the part of the novel I was reading. Oh, but it put me in a good mood to read about Jesus. I forget what I say most days, so it is nice to know what I think. I certainly can’t keep track of it.

In any case, the day was uneventful beyond me learning more quietness and becoming more grounded. I am beginning to take steps in more areas of my life to make my world “safe”. It is so very important psychologically to believe I live in a safe world. When my world doesn’t feel safe, I tend to bleed all over the people around me.

That’s me really. Adios mis amigos!

“Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” – Psalm 46:10


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