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No other gods before Him

I had no idea I was so mad at God. About 20 minutes ago I figured out I was furious. Really, really furious. But since the whole conversation is so new to me, I do not want to talk about it here yet. I think it can be an entirely public conversation, but I do not know for sure. There is a lie that is making me mad. I figured out the lie. Now I can stop being mad?

I think I will have to have a few more conversations with God about it though. i am too prideful to quit being mad at a drop of my hat. Repent. The friend who helped me learn this information says I need to go to God and repent. She is not kidding! I am in huge need of repentance.

My day has been a real doozy. Last night and until early afternoon the devil threw me for a loop. I doubted love in my life. I doubted whether I loved anyone or was able to begin doing it. In spite of all the people around me changing and growing, I began living in fear. The whole SSA conversation does that to me sometimes. I do not have a politically correct opinion. I am not liberal or conservative. Some days it seems like no one likes me.

I also recognized a trigger point for my anger. I become really angry when I do not feel validated. I want to be important. God has given me such an unimportant life. Probably to help me deal with my need to be important!

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings. – Psalm 17:8


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