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My Monkey and Me

I cannot decide if it is more embarrassing that I took the time to write this, had the photo shoot, or am posting it. In any case, it is based on a real conversation I had with my monkey. The parts he said are not entirely factual. I may have put some words in his mouth…

I looked at my monkey His sad little face. With tears in his eyes He said, “It’s a disgrace!”

“I’m humbled and maimed! Just look at my tail! It’s broken and bleeding. I’m such a big fail!”

I carefully looked where my friend said he bled. Sure nuf, his injury wasn’t just in his head!

broken sock monkey

I craddled my monkey and petted his brow. “Don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll fix it somehow! See, I’m your creator. I know how you’re made. I’ll be your surgeon, so don’t be afraid.”

No sooner the words left my lips than I thought: My God’s my Creator. I wasn’t just bought. He knows how to fix my broken down self I don’t have to hide on a closet shelf.

I can open my heart and give Him my tale. He’ll redeem it He says. His Word does not fail.

So I’m like my monkey and my monkey like me. Our creator’s the safest doctor there ever could be!

happy sock monkey


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