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Loving is fun

“Life is perfection.” I thought on my way home tonight. Life is for sure perfection. I mean nothing about it is perfect, but that is the fun part. I stopped along the skyline just to look at my town again on my way home. With every breath I breathe, I pray I might stay. This runner is growing roots. Who knew? My, but it was a hard morning though.

I struggled very much through church. I was in a really bad mood. You know, just between you and me, I think recovery has woken up all my hormones and PMS has really started to tick me off. Just saying. I mean I was mad about things, but I should have just had a sign on me that read “PMS: Stay away.” Well, I think I did manage to seriously offend no more than one person. Hmmmm.

But in the moment, I was not taking life so humorously. I thought I was justifiably mad about a lot of things. I am justifiably hurt about some things right now, but I do not know about the mad thing. During quiet time this morning I got this picture of Jesus taking the beating for the person who hurt me. Of the lashes on His back being for that person. It was hard while I did that to even being remotely angry over the situation. Why should not I forgive someone Jesus loved so much He did that for them? Thinking about the situation is still making me a little mad now though even if I am in a super good mood.

My life is so incredibly awesome. I am just so in awe that I somehow made it to this place where I am in the middle of hundreds of relationships. Somehow I made it to a place where I can be silly in a crowd. And shockingly – a crowd of church people. Yup, miracles happen, and I am one.

The God of angel armies is always by my side.

I felt so incredibly loved this afternoon and evening. It really was so amazing. I would just like to pour my whole life out in worship of Jesus. That’s what. His people are awesome, too. Loving is fun. I used to think it was just scary. Now it is fun and scary.


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