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Little white lies

Some days I am appalled at the things God asks me to do. I do not think they make sense, and I do not always think they are fair. If God is sovereign, why did He line up my certain parts of my life like this? Actually, sometimes they make sense, I just don’t think they are fair.

I had a lot of anxiety today. I have noticed if I have too much on my plate to do, I can give up and not do anything. I did get a fair amount of work done, but I had to battle staring blankly at my computer in frozen paralyzation for the first half of it.

We are just about ready to start walking into the making amends step for real. It is starting to hang over my head like a giant boulder. This afternoon it bugged me quite a bit. Tonight I may be appalled by what God is asking me to do in some areas, but I feel more prepared and ready to have tough conversations with everyone on my list than I ever have.

Here is to becoming a woman of integrity! The same on the inside as the outside. I nearly did this the other day. I nearly told the whole story. I was writing out a mini-testimony for something. I almost accidentally wrote the truth. It was pretty crazy. I stopped myself just in time and wrote down a little white lie. I am really close to telling the whole story. Not quite there, but almost.

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out. – Proverbs 10:9


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