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Jesus is Enough

A week ago I tweeted, “Jesus is enough. I do not have to try to be something.” Tonight I would add “….something I am not.”

Tonight was the first night of Step Study. I really enjoyed it. The transparency thing is hard. I am not going to lie; sometimes I think if I have to be transparent for one more consecutive day, I shall go mad.

Yet, all the freedom I have found thus far in “recovery” has been through transparency. It may have been the most humiliating, perhaps I should say humbling, experience ever to admit to struggling with porn and lust. But it is the step that helped me step into freedom from those habits. Sometimes for the sake of my pride, I wished I could step back into denial and no one would know just like before.

Tonight I felt a lot of anger and frustration. I am pretty angry and frustrated right now. Sometimes I am angry and frustrated that I am angry and frustrated. Sometimes I am tired of growing, but I am never tired of reaping the benefits of growing. On that thought, I will say goodnight!

Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. – Psalm 126:5


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