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I am currently watching Worst Cooks in America. I thought I did that before, but I don’t remember thinking it was fun. Must be because I never saw the first episode. This is kind of funny. How was today? Well, I woke up at 3 am because it was too hot in my apartment to sleep because I thought it was cool enough last night to turn off the air before I went to sleep. I got up, clapped with joy because God deserves a clap offering for everything going on these days, turned on my air and shut my window. When I rewoke up three and a half hours later, I awoke with pretty much the same sentiment. Yesterday night I thought I felt 50 pounds lighter than previously. Today I thought it might be more like a hundred pounds. Give it another day, and I will be walking on air.

Today I am living a new life. I did write a new section about homosexuality for my blog. I never posted it yet though because I am not sure it is ready for the public. It is a super crazy life. I am loving living it. I can’t wait to wake up until tomorrow.

I say to the LORD, “You are my Lord. Apart from you I have no good thing.” Psalm 16


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