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I will laugh

It has been a really, really long day. I am not sure I handled anything well. In fact, I am entirely sure I could sum everything up in the admission of the first principle. I am powerless. Life is unmanageable. But it sure is fun.

I came to the conclusion today that extravagant love is perhaps beyond me, as is unreserved love. But maybe if I shoot for unreserved and extravagant love, I can at least manage some sort of unconditional love. Shoot for the stars, hit the moon.

Most of the day I felt quite beautiful. As evening came, I was really tired on my way home from school and struggled for a little while. But I took a ten-minute nap before step study and bounced back just fine.

There was step study tonight. It was a “light” week because we were discussing sponsors and accountability partners right in the middle of taking our moral and spiritual inventory. It was so nice to see the other women. I plan on taking my inventory tomorrow because I do not have another time to do it this week.

The moral of this day is I better start laughing. I better just laugh my way through the next several months of recovery because there are bound to be things that are hysterical to laugh at. Today was emotional and hilarious. I will laugh because God knows tomorrow I will cry.

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. – Proverbs 31:25


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