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I will follow

I had X time today, and it was so amazing. As is always the case when I have X time, I got an exemplary amount of work done as well. I am filled with joy tonight. I was not this morning. I am working on battling disappointment and unbelief right now. Even today as I prayed, I did tell God that I did not believe His promises anymore. I am going to keep doing what He has asked me to do because He has asked me to do it. Parts of the day I believe there is going to be a result, and parts I do not. Either way, He just asked me to obey not do the impossible.

I thought about how He remembers I am dust today. His expectations of me are pretty low. When He sees me really mess up, He remembers I am dust. I am glad God knows I am weak. I am glad when I know I am weak is when He can work. I do not have to understand. I only have to follow because all things are possible with God.

For he knows how weak we are; he remembers we are only dust. – Psalm 103:14


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