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Hosea: the most fortunate of prophets

I have been thinking a lot lately about God’s unending love. I have been wondering why we often say we want to love with God’s love, but one of our first moves in a relationship is to figure out how much we are willing to give. I wonder when God decided how much He was willing to give. At what point in the relationship did He weigh the cost and determine the boundaries?

People are always telling me what kind of relationships I should be in. I hear a lot of advice. Some advice tells me to love people only if I receive a response from them. Other advice even advises I manipulate my “love” (actions) in such a way to manipulate the other person into responding in just the way I would like. I wonder how much love there is in that advice. Is love ever self-serving?

Some people tell me what I deserve in a relationship. I deserve a man who… a friend who… a parent who…. Awhile back I went through a phase of wondering about this. What did I deserve? Someone thought I deserved life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I did not even want the pursuit of happiness. My experience with it has been quite awful, distasteful and miserable.

Someone mentioned I deserved justice. I was not quite sure with the record of my life, I deserved justice either. So I did the logical thing, I asked my pastor. I like my pastor. I did not like his answer. He thought people deserved justice. I was stuck. So I wondered, “If I deserve justice, what would that look like in my life?”

I would have to be avenged for all the abuse and pain I had suffered, but what about the pain I had inflicted? After pondering the question for a period of time, I realized my pastor was right. I deserved justice. I did not earn justice, but I deserved it. Justice said, “Laura on her own deserves hell. Her thoughts, her words and her actions require her to be forever separated from God and His unending love.” I had reconciled the facts in my head. I deserved justice, and justice meant death.

But God has weighed the cost of having a relationship with me. He has determined the boundaries of His love. It was really big love. So He sent Jesus, His Son, His very Self, into the world. Then He, Himself, died so justice could be had and Laura could live with Him.

I have been thinking a lot about Hosea lately. I used to think he was the most unfortunate prophet. What a life of misery! Marrying a prostitute and then being cheated on repeatedly! All in order to demonstrate God’s love and forgiveness for His people.

Lately I have come to a personal conclusion Hosea was the most fortunate of prophets. In his mission lay a priceless experience. Year after year, he took his wife back. It must have been agony watching his children reap the fruit of their mother’s choices. It must have been frustrating and painful to watch his wife live out her life of pain. He must have been hurt, frustrated and confused on a regular basis. But in all of it, he had the continual opportunity to realize, “Wow! This is how God loves me!”

Hosea got to experience God’s unending love by demonstrating it to his wayward wife. I wonder to whom I am willing to demonstrate it? What sacrifice will I make to experience God’s love in the way Hosea did?


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