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He is awesome

I feel like I had a really, really good day today. There were a few minutes of disconnect every here and there. There was some having to ground myself. There were a few times when I caught myself not listening to the person speaking to me. My phone is not really ringing, so it is nice and quiet because I have to press a button to see if anyone wants me. A tiny bit inconvenient and a lot bit nice.

I feel a lot less pressure right now than I have in a long time. I have been so busy adjusting to life and where God is leading. It is nice to feel like some of the adjustments are being made. Like I can begin living in the present because I am not trying to catch up to it, I guess.

I am so incredibly grateful for so many parts of my life and so many people in it right now. I have not been the most grateful person on earth. Sometimes I am a bit of a whiner. You have probably noticed that in my almost two years of blogging. Odd how this story slowly writes itself.

I have changed so much. I notice when I talk to people who are struggling with things I used to struggle with and I never even noticed that struggle go away. I am really grateful for the changes.

Today God challenged me to get out of my comfort zone again. I told my story on request with many of the embarrassing details. God has really been challenging me with that this week. I suppose I might as well expect to have an opportunity to share what God has done in my life tomorrow?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. – Hebrews 13:8


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