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I had something to say tonight, but can’t remember what it was. Ah yes, today it particularly struck me that the Church was not meant to be run like a corporation and when it is, it hurts a lot of people. The Kingdom of God doesn’t have a CEO. it also has struck me recently, and I wouldn’t swear this on oath but in accordance with my current knowledge of Scripture, there are only two roles in the Church that man appoints. Elders and deacons. All others are appointed by God. God is the one who gives the gifts, and He is the one who appoints and positions His people. Who are we to argue with Him? It also has struck me how uniquely He has made each one of us to fulfill a certain role in His kingdom. He specifically gives us our natural talents that we have at birth. When we are born again, He gives us our spiritual gifts; and at least according to First Corinthians, we can get more of these by desiring and seeking them. Then we have all kinds of life experiences and education that He has either graciously provided or allowed us to go through – depending on what the experiences were. He takes all of these things and brings good out of them as He uses us in His kingdom.

Follow the way of love, and eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. First Corinthians 14


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