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God wants to speak to me more than I want to hear from Him. That is a great concept that I am listening to someone talking about right now. Yes, that is definitely true in my life. I know that I am scared to hear what He has to say to me a lot. I think because I often think He will yell at me instead of love me. It is not true of His character, but it is what the devil would like me to believe.

Today I saw a penny embedded in a street. I stopped and took a picture. I have walked over it twice a week for well over a year. I only noticed it a few months ago. Now every week on my way to counseling, I can see God’s faithfulness embedded in the pavement. I never saw another penny today tho. I did think I saw one before dawn; but when it became light enough to see, it was just a broken button.

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12


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