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Faith: a once in a lifetime opportunity

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Have you ever had one of those aha moments? Specifically one of the kind which repeats itself. Sometimes I rediscover verses “for the first time”. Awhile back I found a verse “for the first time”. Then shortly later found a journal entry from two years earlier with the very same thought in my handwriting. (Maybe all I said by saying that is that I need to retain knowledge better, so I can actually learn from it!)

Hebrews 11:1 isn’t one of those verses for me, but I had a realization about faith recently. It is probably something that I could have intellectually told you for years, but never actually applied its reality to my life. I guess I never really had a grasp on how it applied. I was blind to truth.

You see, in the last few weeks, I have discovered that I can’t have faith in heaven. It really is only an opportunity for life on this Earth. When I get to heaven, I will see what is unseen, and I will know Him as I am fully known by Him. I won’t need to believe in an unseen God and in truths that do not seem immediately obvious to the human nature.

By realizing faith will not exist in heaven, I realized something else. I want to have a lot of faith on earth. I want to believe God.

It is not always easy to believe God. By far more voices in my life discourage me from following Him than encourage me to follow Him with all of my heart.

I want to experience what it is like to live life on Earth His way. I want to know what it is like to take all I have and give it to the poor. I want to know what it is like to live on “daily bread”. I want to know what it is like to bless those who curse me. I want to carry the weight of His cross. I want to put to death the “misdeeds of my body”. I want to know how it feels to experience the truth that it is better to give than to receive. I want to know what it is like to love like He loves us. I want to know what it is like to allow Him to be the only source of my emotional stability, so I truly can give freely to those around me what He has given to me.

Frankly, I want to risk following Him. I want to follow Him in “ministry”, in my career (haha), and in my personal relationships. I want to follow Him in all the areas of my life where my flesh cries out that doing so will bring ruin.

I want to take the “risk” of making the next steps in my journey with Him. I want to do things His way. I want to know what it means to take Him at His Word. I want to follow.

I want to have faith on Earth because when I die, I will never be able to have faith again.

I want to live like I am dying. This past week at the orphanage re-reminded me of that question in my life, “What is worth dying for?” I can live for myself, or I can live for His mission which is bigger than myself. I can shrink back in fear from the things He is inviting me into, or I can embrace His mission and His calling with all my heart.

And there are so many areas in my life where He is inviting me to take a next step. In a few of these areas, I have stubbornly held back. I have been too afraid of how it feels when my flesh dies to take the next step.

Visiting Casa Hogar Alegre encouraged me to take those next steps. There are some things worth dying for; and when He invites me on an adventure, why would I ever want to turn Him down?

I only have one life on Earth to live, and I want to live it in faith. I want to follow Him where my feet would never wander of their own accord. I want to trust His Word. I want to know He is faithful.

Someday I will know Him as I am fully known; but until then, I want to walk in faith.

Have you ever considered that your only opportunity for faith is here on Earth? Knowing your only chance to walk in faith is now, what next steps in following Him do you want to take?


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