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Confusion – that most important part of the learning process

1:00 AM – Sunday morning

Today was a very overwhelming day. All kinds of recovery related conversations took place. Today was supposed to be my sabbath, but I am really quite exhausted. Entirely exhausted. I think everything I processed was good stuff, but I am tired. Well, and I had a meeting and worked five hours today. That probably unqualifies this as a sabbath. I need to take a day off. For some reason these last few weeks that has been very hard for me to do without feeling guilty.

I don’t really know how to describe today. My conversations with God and people were about same-sex attraction. A somewhat sensitive subject, which has a lot to do with my past, present and future. I am exhausted.

And now I just interrupted this post with coming home from work and a two hour conversation with someone about my philosophy of how to reach people through the ministry I lead. So as would be the case at the end of all such great conversations, there were a few things clarified, but mostly new thoughts were just added to the mix until I became more confused. Confusion – that most important part of the learning process.


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