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Circles and wind bring life

I thought about the wind a lot today. The high winds in this area are such a great reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit. The wind blows wherever it wants to blow. The Holy Spirit moves. All power and authority ultimately are God’s. The wind blows. People have the opportunity to let the wind move them or can do their best to resist it, but they really can’t stop the wind.

I have also been thinking about the life-giving power of circles. The earth goes in circles around the sun, and this is what gives the earth life. So many people I know, especially mothers, feel like they live their whole lives going in circles and not accomplishing anything super great, yet it is these circles we keep making that bring life. Whether we are parents caring for children, single and caring for ourselves, or are caring for aging parents or grandparents, circles bring life.

That daily routine of work, sleep, eat, clean, etc, rinse and repeat brings life to those around us. Our faithfulness to keep repeating our circles of activities has an enormous impact in the lives of others over the course of years. Seedtime and harvest, summer and winter, bedtime and morning, playing and working, teaching and nurturing over the course of many years constitute much of our entire lives and bring life to all those around us. In so doing, we raise the next generation. We are like the earth. We have to keep going in habitual circles to have life.

I went to church three times today. I really like the church I have been going to, but I want to begin to understand the whole town’s spiritual condition. There are something like 17 churches here, and it would be nice to eventually visit them all. So far, it is clear that the people at the ones I have visited really love Jesus. No one has been concerned with what their church’s logo looks like; it is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! That has been really wonderful.

Jesus came so that we would have life and have it in abundance!

(The picture is my view walking to a prayer service tonight.)


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