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Christmas: my good, good Father

This past week as I was walking to dinner group, I imagined how amazing God must actually be. He is perfectly all the characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit. If He is kinder than the kindest person I know, I can’t wait to meet Him based on that fact alone because He is incomprehensibly kind.

I know this is not really an original thought. It is just something that recently occurred to me when I was struck by how incredibly kind one of my friends had allowed God to make them. I was really in awe of how kind God could make a person. Then it occurred to me that what I saw in my friend was merely a small glimpse of God’s kindness. God is infinitely kinder than my friend, and I have a really kind friend.

One of the most loving things people have ever done for me is not allow me to manipulate them. Not all people have done this for me. In fact very, very few have; but some have. Somehow it helps me feel incredibly safe in a relationship to know that I will not get my way just because I act out. It is no wonder that children feel safer when their parents are un-manipulatable. I know I do.

I am very grateful God doesn’t allow me to manipulate Him either. My life would be tragic if He did. He never gives me something bad just to make life easier for Him. He loves me with what is just and true and holy. He loves me with perfect goodness.

I love Christmas time and Christmas movies. I love how cozy and dreamy they make me feel. I like how they all have happy endings. In all my ridiculousness, I like watching a fantasy world where there is Christmas magic and everything is possible because it is a certain time of year.

Before you judge my tastes too harshly, consider I developed my love for them by watching the movies on all the many holidays I spent away from temporal family. I would spend holidays by myself or as a third wheel with friends and escape into the fantasy world of Christmas wonderlands.

These days I don’t need to escape from life during the holidays. My life is really good, and I can’t wait for Christmas to come. I’m so excited to serve during the Christmas Eve service that I signed up for it as soon as it was an option. Why am I telling you this? Back to the topic of Christmas movies…

As I was saying, I love Christmas movies. In light of studying Romans for nearly a year, I watch them slightly differently than I did before. It’s not that I ever believed in what these movies consider to be good. I just didn’t realize how bad their good is. Last night as I watched another interpretation of what was good, joyful and peaceful, I was more than a little disturbed. Millions of people think something so bad is actually good.

I am reminded how incredibly grateful I am that God never compromises truth in order to love with grace. That is what people do. In fact, in order to receive God’s grace, one must admit the truth that they are in desperate need of it.

It also occurred to me that God is never “kind” to me by giving me something that will feel good in the short-term (and therefore make me temporarily happy) but hurt me in the long run. God’s kindness never compromises righteousness. After all, compromising righteousness is extremely unkind. God is kinder than the kindest person I know, and He would never do that.

Those are my somewhat sobering musings about the world’s definitions of goodness and kindness. I am so grateful God’s idea of the Christmas Spirit is infinitely better than ours. Thank God for Jesus Christ.

Do you see various definitions of “good” around you? How is your definition of good different from God’s definition? Do you sometimes compromise truth in a relationship in order to appease the other person’s demanding spirit?


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