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I have a celebration. When I was checking out at the drug store tonight, they charged me more than I was supposed to be charged. Wait for it…. I said something. I never say anything. I never want to make a scene. I never want to accuse anyone of screwing up, but I said something and I got my way. I never even noticed it until the interaction was done. When did I become a person who stood up for herself? ¡Me gusta!

Otherwise a pretty quiet day today. Swamped with babysitting, housecleaning, snow and schoolwork. Not too much time to think about how I feel on the inside. As I walked to small group tonight, I did think about how I felt on the inside.

Still hurting. Not as exhausted (thank you babies for sleeping). Still angry. Still resentful. Tense? I just do not like the question, “Am I tense?” What am I supposed to be doing to be tense? Sitting on pins and needles? Clenching my jaw? Impatiently waiting for something? Okay, I am a little bit tense.

I actually have another huge celebration. I have not had a nightmare in a few weeks. Since the last time you heard about them. That is a celebration worth celebrating!


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