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Books: Homosexuality in Greece and Rome

Homosexuality in Greece and Rome: a Sourcebook of Basic Documents by Thomas K. Hubbard is about five hundred pages of translations of most of the writing of any kind about anything related to sex between members of the same sex from about the seventh century before Christ to the fourth century after. It's a fairly brutal read, but I found it helpful in understanding the texts and attitudes surrounding the writing of Scripture.

homosexuality in Greece and Rome book cover Thomas Hubbard

I'm not going to tell you what I've concluded, but only say that laying your hands on translations of these ancient texts and reading what you can will help you be able to not simply believe what people on soapboxes are telling you. People are prone to fear of change and to want to protect what they want to be right. If you only listen to me, if you only listen to them, how will you find your way?

Truth is a person, Jesus Christ, not a certain sexual ethic. What perhaps saddens me the most is that some of the people I've known personally who condemn same-sex relations the most have a heterosexual ethic that breaks my heart, one I can't describe as pure though everything may happen within marriage. What happens sexually in a heterosexual marriage is not sanctified by a marriage license. It needs to be sanctified by Christ flowing through two pure hearts that love, honor, and respect each other as equally precious to God. Without that, no union of two people can be pure.


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