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Blessed is she who has believed

I had a good day today. My troubled spirit from yesterday really quieted down. I am at peace now. I have a lot of joy. I feel like I have had God reveal my role to me again in my life. What I am to do. This is good. It is exceedingly difficult to follow Jesus without knowing what one’s assignment is. I have many areas of my life that need “breakthrough”, but that is cool. On some level, I know what my job is until the breakthrough comes. At least for tonight I think I do.

I heard a funny conversation today among a bunch of really old guys in a nursing home about all the ways they were breaking the rules and making the lives of the nurses exceedingly difficult and how it was against the law to kick them out without a place to go, so the nurses were stuck with them. I am glad I am not a nurse at that nursing home!!! haha

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promise to her! Luke 1


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