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Blessed Are the Pure

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.” Jesus’ words rang over the mountainside. Perhaps His audience nodded in agreement. He was finally saying something that made sense.

This may be the most logical blessing in the entire “Beatitudes” — the eight ways Jesus’ told His followers that they could find happiness. Clearly the pure in heart ought to be the ones who see God.

Yet this blessing has caused me more trouble in writing about it than all the others. Am I pure in heart? Do I see God? Why don’t I see God more? What does it mean to see God? Does that mean I see God as He works in my day-to-day life? Or does it mean that when I die I go to heaven if I have a pure heart?

To answer my own questions: The Bible says that the heart of my old nature is desperately wicked, but that God gave me a new one when I put my trust in Jesus. The new heart is soft. The old one was hard and callous. This new heart longs for His righteousness to be made perfect in my life.

Sometimes I see God. I often just see myself. I look at myself a lot. I worry about myself a lot. Mainly about my comfort. I like to be comfortable. I worry about whether I am going to be comfortable in the future.

I saw God work a lot in this last week. The more I live my life, the harder it is to doubt there is such a Thing. This Thing proves more and more faithful to me.

I would see God more if I took the time to do so. I don’t always look for Him beyond the circumstances of my own life. I forget that His work extends throughout the earth. I get so busy focusing on my own small bit that I miss what He is doing elsewhere. If I observed this more, perhaps I wouldn’t lose courage so much.

I suppose that perhaps the pure of heart will see God work on earth and will go Home to be with Him in heaven someday as well. I know that I definitely “see God” a whole lot more now than when I was in the thick of my addictions and many other lies. There was a time about six to eight years ago that I liked to explain away the parts of the Bible that I didn’t like. I never saw God work in and around me much back then.

As I have begun to follow Him, I have come to know Him. As I have begun to obey all the commands I used to explain away, I have begun to see His Word and Truth at work in my life. I have begun to see Biblical truth in the world all around me. It isn’t just a fairy tale. I have come to understand that it is better to give than to receive, that I will prosper when I go two miles when forced to go only one, and that submission is a good thing. I have come to learn I will experience joy when I live the way He instructs. He is the One, after all, who created the world. It is no wonder that He knows how I can best prosper in it.

Yes, my heart is much purer than it used to be. It runs more and more after Him. As a result, it is much less needy than it used to be. There used to be this hole there that was never filled. I always needed something to fill it. Talking or eating or sleeping or singing or dancing or drinking or working or being busy busy busy. I was always trying to fill it. It was bottomless.

As I have pursued Him, the hole in my heart has disappeared. I don’t need to be distracted from my thirst because He has filled me. He is the Fount of living water. As long as I don’t cheat on Him, I will never thirst again. It is so good to know that the answer to my thirst is simply to know Him better.

Blessed are the pure in heart.

Everyday I seem to learn more about the extent of my brokenness. In turn everyday I have the opportunity to learn more about the greatness of His grace.

Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. (Matthew 11)

He didn’t make becoming righteous as unattainable as rocket science. He made it a simple invitation. I love that I get to live my life seeing God. I love that I get to experience Biblical truth in my day-to-day circumstances. I love that someday when I enter heaven, I won’t be in the presence of a Stranger but of my most faithful Friend.

I love that I get to love God.


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