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Bizarre facts I learned about myself while moving

  1. I don’t mind a mess as long as I know where everything in the mess is supposed to go should I decide to use my time to put it away. On the other hand, being half-unpacked drives me completely crazy, and I unpack like mad until everything is unpacked and in its proper place (so I can then use it and leave it messy).

  2. Did you know that even when you move and put something in that “safe” place so it will be easy to find, you lose stuff? I had one car of things. I remembered packing my vitamins in something where they would be easy to find as soon as I arrived here. I didn’t realize before the move that I would be entirely unpacked in two days due to an intense need to get rid of a pile of full boxes (and transform them into a pile of empty boxes in a closet). I found those vitamins in the last thing I unpacked. By then, I had resigned myself to the unfortunate idea that when a gracious friend helped me by taking a last trip to the Salvation Army, I had given her a wrong box. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to have been the case.

  3. I get irrationally angry when I wake up facing a wall. Apparently for the last several years in my apartment in New Jersey, I had my bed positioned so that when I woke up on my right side, I was facing the room. Here, my bed was positioned so that if I woke on my right side, I was facing the wall. I noticed the last few mornings I became angry to find a wall in front of me. Notice, I used the word was. After realizing why I kept facing a wall upon waking, I moved my bed today. I am sure I do not have enough years in my life left for a shrink to help me figure out why it makes me angry to wake up facing a wall. (And until now, I didn’t even know that I generally sleep on my right side!)

  4. I told a friend today that I was done moving. She congratulated me. I said something like, “No, I have lots of things to do yet; I just can’t take anything else unfamiliar!” “Done” has more than one implication. I look forward to when the newness of here feels like “my” home and not just like “a” home.

  5. A day or two after the purchase of my bed, my sleep schedule started to adjust to this time zone, (which is good because waking up at 2 am was getting old). As I started resting and the stress of the move started to dissipate, creativity reawakened. Today I started to read big thick books again. I even began to read a 110-year old book that was scanned into a computer and incredibly inconvenient to read. Maybe I will finish it tomorrow…

  6. Some colleges have a more secure system to guard their unofficial transcripts than my bank does to guard my money. Seriously, I was on two Zoom calls today to prove my identity with a government issued ID in order to reset my password (or even obtain help on my account). Even after proving my identity that way, you still needed to go through the whole rigmarole of having a secret code sent to your phone to get in. No, that is not true, you had to download a special app that my phone refused to download, so that this very special app could generate the very special code for the system. That university’s transcripts are most secure! That really isn’t a bizarre fact about myself… just about life in general. I digress. Good night!


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