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Arrived… in a new home

I never blogged yesterday because I was sleeping on some big decisions and didn’t want to share and feel tied to what I had shared rather than making a good decision. I arrived in Rawlins yesterday morning and saw a few apartments. I knew I wanted the one if possible, but I didn’t want to sign and move in yesterday. That seemed too overwhelming! More than that, I don’t have a bed yet, and I wanted to sleep on a bed last night. I stayed in a motel and did the whole move-in thing today.

I have five rooms and five closets all to myself! Which is far more than I need. All my material possessions could literally fit in just one of my closets. So if any of you want to move to Wyoming (you being my already known friends and not some stranger who might be reading this for some reason), let me know because we could be roommates. It would be so cheap that it would seem free. (haha)

A few weeks ago I met a skunk on the way home from work in Hoboken. It was like five feet away from me before I saw it. I silently screamed, jumped back, and quickly passed it while walking in the middle of the street. I thought to myself that I sure hoped that there were fewer skunks in Wyoming than in Jersey! Well, I met the town “pests” yesterday when I went to the courthouse to ask a few questions about registering my car in Wyoming. I also saw seven (?) of them right in front of my apartment this morning as I waited to meet my new landlord.

I know that some people in town consider them great pests, and I know they must be. However, I am so glad that if I accidentally walk into one, I won’t stink really badly as a result of it! And I won’t be likely to run into one with my car in town because the speed limit is so slow. During hunting season, there are an extra lot of them in town because they have figured out that hunters can’t get them there.

Today on my Facebook feed , I will share some pictures of the deer. You will notice that the one passed right in front of my vehicle when I was parked. They definitely think they own the place!

Oh, and I put approximately 2,811 miles on my car between Jersey City and Rawlins. The quickest route between Jersey City and Rawlins was only 1,925 miles according to GPS. So I guess I went on several detours!


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