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An Uneventful Drive

What an amazing day! Until noon was spent with some beautiful friends who live near a horse farm by Manalapan. Then I took off en route to Nashville, TN via Asheville, NC because a friend told me that it is beautiful between Asheville and Nashville. It wasn’t beautiful for the first four hours of driving on my way from Manalapan to Asheville. Lots of sound barriers through Philadelphia. Two or maybe three accidents set me behind my target time for where to spend the night; so instead of being near a national forest/park, I am in a Days Inn in a college town. I expect to be on the road as soon as it starts getting light in the morning. I don’t want to drive in the dark because it is pretty here and I don’t want to miss out on the beauty now that I have finally made it to it.

Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful drive. I drove straight through a tank of gas, which I observed is much harder to do when your vehicle gets 30 miles per gallon rather than in the low to mid twenties. It was about 6 1/2 hours of straight driving.

I wish I could tell you I thought deep, life-changing thoughts as I drove; but I didn’t. I mostly listened to silence and my GPS. Occasionally I would put on the radio or a CD for a spell to turn it off again when it was time to switch roads. It wasn’t until the last hour or so that I finally got to the part of my journey where GPS told me to continue on one road for 157 miles. I am excited about that! I also prayed in tongues a lot. It is an excellent activity while driving.

Tomorrow I hope to spend more time stopping and taking pictures. Today there was only one place I would have liked to stop to enjoy the view and that place had “no stopping” signs. :(

It was by a river, which reminds me that Jesus promised that rivers of living water will flow from within me.

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