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An interesting sort of day

I feel like writing, but really have nothing to write about. I need to write my monthly article yet, but it isn’t a topic for the mood I am in right now. I know it is is what I am supposed to write about this month though. Next month will be a whole other story. I am in an excellent mood. A little sad. Mostly excellent. This past month I have been working on training my brain to function well as it recovers from past trauma. My brain is soooo quiet compared to what it used to be. I wasn’t sad and calm when I overworked it last Friday and had a meltdown, but I am actually learning how to be sad and calm. As I concluded from a convo with a friend today: it is definitely about following Christ, but sometimes one just needs to train their neurotransmitters to connect right. Sometimes the next step in following Christ is training one’s neurotransmitters. :)

Peace I leave you. John 14


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