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A sharp focus on Jesus

I find it somewhat ironic that yesterday I never quite made it around to what I had intended to be my final point: that in all the chaos, the writers of the gospels kept a steady and complete focus on Jesus.

In some ways it would be more helpful to us if they did not. It would be incredibly helpful to us if they had expanded at length at what would end up being heated 21st-century debates. What if they had detailed what Jesus said about slavery and women and prostitutes and money changes instead of simply telling us how he treated these people?

But they didn’t. They kept a narrow focus on Jesus – not in the least distracted by the turmoil surrounding them. If only I kept such a narrow focus on Jesus, the distressing circumstances around me would then come into perspective as well.

A sharp focus on Jesus brings a perfect perspective to everything else in life.

Today as we live, may we live well with a superior focus on Christ! May our gaze not waver from His purpose and plan. May we rejoice and love well, never forgetting He who is the Center of all things!


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