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A pretty shaky day

I may be an introvert. I just heard someone ask what I would do if I heard I won a personal island and that sounded heavenly. That being said, as much as i love being alone, I usually think about people when I am alone, so I don’t know. haha. I had a really weird day. I had a lot of anxiety. I had anxiety over whether I had a right to grieve for my friend. I had anxiety over money. I had anxiety over work and writing and ministry and people and relationships and probably other things too if there are any other things. It got better at the end. Talking to one of my friends and being able to tell her my fears and all the dilemmas of my day seemed to be able to help. I tried to go to counseling and couldn’t. It really was one of those days, but the good news is tomorrow will probably be better.

The God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet. Romans 16


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