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A Pit Stop in Nashville

This morning I saw downtown Nashville, TN and other random parts of the city. A friend of mine lives in Kingston Springs, which is about 25 minutes from downtown. (The photo is her dog acting as a faithful watchdog upon my arrival.) We spent the better part of the day chatting and having a wonderful Southern breakfast at a local restaurant. Then I began the drive for Sioux City, where I hope to see some family. I hoped to take a scenic detour when I came to highway 68. Unfortunately, I missed the first sign for the highway and noticed the one that had the scenic detour rejoining the interstate. Oh well, at least part of tomorrow I am going to drive off the interstate. Sometimes it is just more restful.

I really missed the children I cared for in New Jersey today. I cried some as I drove. However, I don’t miss the East Coast yet. I am loving the wide open spaces. The drive has been really soul-cleansing. There is something so therapeutic about driving thousands of miles between life transitions. I am re-discovering parts of me that I didn’t know still existed. I didn’t know I still loved to drive.

This might sound odd because I had seen all kinds of media proving its existence; but it has been so long since I have been out of a city or northern California that it seemed like such places didn’t exist anymore. For a while on the East Coast it felt like it took great faith to believe that at some point I would leave the traffic behind. Today in Kentucky or Illinois I came to the more solitary stretches of road where there was no more than 30 cars in sight. It felt good.

Sadly there are no pictures of Nashville. It felt much smaller in real life than it does on TV, music, and movies. That is the same sensation I experienced in Las Vegas – only there it was a much more intense feeling. Nashville had a lot more life during the day on a Monday than Vegas did. I love country music, so I liked what I saw of the musical part of Nashville. What it mainly left me with was a better idea of what it might be like to go there to try to make it big in music. Not an easy endeavor. I have more respect for those musicians after visiting.

Now I am going to bed because tomorrow is another long day of driving. I plan to take the scenic route and have a 9 hour drive taking at least 11. Hurray!

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