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A loooong day

Just had my longest home office workday today. Well, longest for this week. This is the only day that is not bookended with a morning and evening outing. They help. Who wants to break and go outside in this cold unless there is a real reason? I worked solid straight through for a very long time. I must have gotten loads of stuff done though I can’t remember what. I think I shall begin making a list of what I did as I go through my day, so at the end of it I can remember what exactly it is that I did.

I got a decent amount of writing done though I mainly worked on other things. I only wrote for about an hour mid-afternoon. Really, I wanted to get a whole bunch of other goals out of the way first. The good part about it is when I did write, it worked out very well and came naturally. The rest of the week I babysit a decent amount. A good thing I quit that other babysitting job though I definitely miss it. This week is making me entirely unsure how I survived my eight week class last fall. No wonder I was exhausted going into the holidays!

My God time right now sucks. Not the quantity, the quality. I think I need to switch up my routine or something. Take God out on a more interesting date. Honestly my best God time usually comes after I write this blog and realize all the things I have to celebrate.

I had very few thoughts about my personal recovery all day. Though I did realize I am ridiculously hard on Christian men. A whole new genre of them, not the ones you have typically heard about. I am going to be sorting out my issues with them in God time in the next few weeks I reckon.

One thing about my life, it is not boring. Some days get long and I do not think I can look at the computer one more moment or process one more thing. But it is not boring. Who’s brain doesn’t freeze over after this much time in one place? Can’t wait until it warms up, so going for a walk doesn’t seem like such a cold thought!

The good part about the computer work is I get so sick of the computer that I have no desire whatsoever to watch any TV, which must be watched on my computer or listen to any podcasts or hear any music. Think of all the time I am saving!

Goal: tomorrow forgive two people. I suppose I should start that tonight.

What I want to know is why am I the person with so many people on my list? Seriously. If you look at my list, one would think I was the most evil person on this side of the Mississippi. At least I operate from a quiet brain now. That round and round and round in circles thing was getting pretty old!

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. – Ephesians 2:10


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