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A poem I found while looking through my files. I do not know the events surrounding its writing. Only that it was written on July 17, 2005 about four months after I was saved. It is a piece of writing written before any of my counseling, world travel or addiction. To think I threw out most of my writing from when I was a teenager because it was too depressing…


As I wondered this dark vale of death, I wondered why I even looked around. Why not just stay in one place and not see the rest of the misery. Why see it all?

Why not just stay in one town with one job? Why travel the world and juggle careers? Why meet so many people just to be hurt? Why feel at all?

Why do we keep risking our hearts? Why not keep them safely tucked inside? Why should we share them with anyone else? Why share at all?

Why do we keep wanting to learn? Why don’t we let all the books burn? Why answer questions, more only to ask? Why wonder at all?

Why do we live? What’s the appeal? Why do we stay here in this world? When life itself steals its own joy? Tell me, Why don’t we die?


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